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Take advantage of the booming tourist resort rental

We offer a friendly and personalized service. We advise on everything you need. We manage the holiday rental of your property so that you do not take care or worry about anything. If your property is likely to be leased by the tourism law (single-family, detached ..), this is the best time to do it.

Do I want to buy?

Controlled profitability

Today, investment in real estate holiday usage has become a serious alternative to be considered by investors concerned about getting profitability and seek at all times controlled to investment risk.

Can I manage my home remotely?

Advice and service

Through Rest&villas, you get the best advice and service, according to the modality, both to acquire a villa, as we manage to have it holistically.

Why rent?

The holiday is a consolidated market model

In recent years, the demand for alternative accommodation has grown dramatically to become one of the most profitable business opportunities. An increasing number of visitors who opt for renting a home when planning their vacation to the point of making this holiday a consolidated market model is greater. Thus, many homeowners have found in this field a golden opportunity to monetize their properties earning high incomes.